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G Meter+ 1512 Turnkey with PC Software & Optional Printer

Stock Code: GMETER+

G Meter+ 1512 Turnkey with PC Software & Optional Printer

  • Sensing principle: Multi-axis electronic decelorometer
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 20g ( g=9.81 metre/sec/sec
  • Accuracy: Better than + 3%g
  • LED Resolution: 1%g 0.1 metre/sec/sec
  • Display: 2 digit, 7 segment LED. Readable in sunlight
  • Time Constant: 0.2 seconds
  • Start Window: 0.5 seconds
  • Brake Threshold: 10%g
  • Tilt Compensation: 2.5 degrees per g
  • Battery: 9V PP3 alkaline MN1604 or 6LF61 CR2032 Lithium cell
  • Battery Life: PP3: 20 hours approx. CR2032: 10 years Interface RS232C
  • Printer: Turnkey AP1300
  • Memory: 3 tests
  • Size: 122mm octagon, 24mm deep
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Calibration: Multipoint calibration. UKAS traceable

The G-Meter + is designed for statutory annual MOT  brake performance testing of class III, IV, V, VI & VII vehicles.

The electronic deceleration sensor used in G-Meter+ gives it a number for advantages over older electronic devices and mechanical pendulums:

  • It is self-aligning and will automatically sense the direction of travel. Precise alignment of the instrument with the direction is, therefore not necessary
  • Its memory can record 3 sets of test results e.g main, secondary and parking brake tests. These are retained even if the instrument is switched off
  • It has an internal clock to accurately record the time and date of each test
  • It measures the peak deceleration, meant deceleration and stopping time and then calculates speed and stopping distance
  • It determines any left-right pull sensed during the brake test

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