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Cutmaker 700 230V Plasma Cutter with Kit

Stock Code: CM700

Cutmaker 700 230V Plasma Cutter with Kit

If you want a quality plasma cutter that’s still working well in 20+ years then you need to have a look at our machines.
The Oxford CUTMAKER models utilise our highly acclaimed Oxford Hybrid technology which combines older transformer technology with the best parts of inverter technology. This gives you the very highest cutting performance possible for the lowest input power. The benefits are real, look at our performance specs & you will notice our machines cut more & do more than all other machines on the market today. And importantly because these machines have a copper transformer & are not an inverter you don’t need to be concerned about reliability or lifespan. All inverter based machines suffer from reliability issues, the low cost imports often fail in a few months, even the quality EU or US made inverters do not have a long life & repair bills can be so excessive that the machine has to be scrapped.
Our hybrid chopper design is totally unique, internal construction is simple with only one PCB fitted, they are not affected by damp or harsh conditions such as dusty dirty workshops, knocks & drops, unstable input voltages cause no harm, even 75% over voltage for a few seconds can be tolerated.

Rugged, reliable machines with the best cutting performance possible from an air plasma cutter! Satisfaction guaranteed!

All new models now also include metal marking function as standard, also all have the option to fit a CNC interface kit for cutting tables as an upgrade after purchase if required.

Features include: 

  • Superior cut quality with really clean straight edges on all materials from the thinnest sheet right up to max capacity.
  • Cuts clean or dirty & rusty material just as well, steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, hardox®, aluminium, brass, copper.
  • Thermal gouging function allows the operator to gouge away material efficiently, ideal for removing welds, fastenings, edge plates brackets.
  • Thermal arc heating function allows the operator to apply direct thermal arc heating similar to using gas bottles but using only air & electric!
  • Metal marking function for both hand & cutting tables, mark your logo, fold points, date codes.
  • Includes an accurate dial to show power setting in amps.
  • Energy efficient design 90%+ efficiency means you get more cutting power for the lowest input power.
  • Class leading air consumption, as much as 50% lower than competition means only a small compressor needed & the lowest possible fumes.
  • Bullet proof design means this machine will be unaffected by varying input power or unstable generator.
  • All models use 6 meter torches with long life so low cost consumables.
  • Rated to IP23S protection so can be used in your workshop or even outside in light rain.
  • Built in air filter to help trap moisture & particles with regulator & pressure gauge to allow easy setting of air. 
  • NON HF design means these are safe for use on vehicles & around IT based equipment.
  • Easy fit CNC interface kit now available, upgrade for cutting table use.
  • All CUTMAKERS are composed of over 95% metal with minimal plastics, built tough & kinder to environment.
  • Built in Britain and built to last! To BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, BS EN60974-7, RoHS, WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Recycling) & CE marked.

Specifications include:

  • Supply Voltage: 400V/415V 3 Phase, 16A or 230V 1 Phase, 32/40A
  • Max severance cut capacity: 36mm steel
  • Clean quality cut up to: 28mm steel
  • Pierce capacity: 16mm
  • Max cutting power output: 10KW
  • Max cut speed 6mm steel: 3100mm/min
  • Max cut speed 10mm steel: 1550mm/min
  • Max cut speed 15mm steel: 850mm/min
  • Max cut speed 20mm steel: 550mm/min
  • Max cut speed 25mm steel: 280mm/min
  • Min generator size for 3/4 power: 8KVA
  • Recommended Generator power: 11KVA
  • Air pressure & flow rate: 70 psi 3.5CFM
  • Duty cycle at half power & below: 100% continuous
  • Duty cycle at full power: 40%
  • Weight approx.: 48kg
  • Machine size (case size): 250mm x 420mm x 500mm

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