LAUNCH 8CCD Wheel Alignment System c/w Printer (X631)

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Launch 8CCD Wheel Alignment System c/w Printer:

The Launch X631 Wheel Aligner is the Wheel Alignment System for passenger cars and light trucks up to 6 metres wheel base measurement.

The Wheel Aligner is equipped with 8 CCD cameras that are fast, simple, profitable and transfer data wirelessly.

Also, it allows:

  • Choice from standard, quick or additional measurements
  • The technician to choose from 2D or 3D graphic program display
  • The technician to choose the system management level from learner to expert.

Features Include:

  • View live diagnosis data stream in numerical or graphical format
  • Remote control of each sensor
  • Full program with target data: easy to and contains nearly all kinds of cars worldwide
  • LCD display allows to control the alignment program at each sensor
  • Choose either 180, 90 degrees or rolling compensation
  • The 20 degrees CCD camera technology allows precise wireless measurement
  • Cable free measurement: no more hassles with broken cables.

Technical Data:

  • Front Total Toe in: +- 40 degrees
  • Front Toe in: +- 20 degrees
  • Front Chamber: +- 8 degrees
  • Caster: +- 20 degrees
  • Kingpin Inclination: +- 20 degrees
  • Rear Total Toe in: +- 40 degrees
  • Reat Total in: +- 20 degrees
  • Rear Chamber: +- 8 degrees
  • Thrust Angle: +- 5 degrees

Package Includes:

  • 10 - 25" Quick Clamp (Set of 4): Self-centering, optional adaptors for aluminium rims available
  • Probe Rod (Set of 4): Aluminium casting frame
  • PC, Keyboard, mouse and wired printer: includes target data, vehicle adjustment help and various options of measurement programs
  • 19" LCD screen with speakers
  • 2 x turntables
  • Cabinet

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