QUICKTRAK Truck Optical 2 Wheel Laser Alignment Gauges (QTHGO2WLA)

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Truck Optical 2 Wheel Laser Alignment Gauges 

These Gauges probably cost less than the set of tyres shredding away on your Truck right now due to misalignment... They certainly cost less than repeated sets of shredded tyres...

It's an absolute no-brainer. These gauges will save you thousands in tyre and fuel costs. That's a fact. Non arguable. These gauges are not an investment, they are a bank balance upping tool.

They're easy to use, robust, accurate and portable.


  • Rechargeable battery operated thus eliminating wires
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Tried and tested 'Hang on Tyre' design
  • Works on all HGV/PSV and Trailers with rim diameters between 17.5” and 22.5”
  • Designed Mobile Applications (not for Professional Workshops)

What’s included

  • Wheel Alignment Gauges
  • Wall mounted brackets for easy storage x 2
  • Dished turnplates x 2 (heavy duty thickness)
  • Integrated Charger x 2
  • Steering wheel clamp - standard
  • 1 year parts warranty
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