STERTIL-KONI Hydraulic 4 Post Lift- 5.5 Ton (ST4055)

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Stertil Koni Hydraulic 4 Post Lift- 5.5 Ton

  • Lifting Capacity: 5,500kg
  • Lifting Times: 31 seconds
  • Lifting height: 2.03 metres
  • Motor Capacity: 5.5kW
  • Drive-on height: 16cm
  • Platform length: 5150mm/ 5750mm

This lift is ideal for long commercial vans and light freight trucks.  The system is fitted with two hydraulic cylinders.  Unique drive-on height: An extremely low drive-on height of only 16cm guarantees that vehicles with low ground-clearance can be driven onto the platforms without grounding. This low drive-on height means that 'short' drive-on ramps can be used, leading to more space available for moving vehicles around in your workshop.

Completely flat tracks The vehicle lift is level in every locked position, making it an ideal vehicle lift for wheel alignment.  In its lowest position the vehicle lift is also level, so that it can be used for re-setting headlights. The lack of awkward projecting edges on the tracks improves access to the underside of the vehicle.

High stability There is maximum space between the columns, due to their slim profile and special design.  This makes the driving on of wide vehicles easier and guarantees optimum access.

Maximum lifting height The unique lifting height of more than 2 metres is reached in a very short time.  This means that even tall mechanics can work upright under the vehicle. The rate of descent can be manually controlled making it easy to position the vehicle on axle supports and transmission jacks.

Optimum access The 630mm wide tracks make these 4-column vehicle lifts ideal for commercial vans and light freight vehicles with twin wheels. The adjustable track guarantees maximum freedom of movement under the vehicle.

Operational reliability The Stertil-Koni 4-column vehicle lifts are renowned for their reliability, long lifespan and high resale value.  Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts are designed for intensive and problem-free use.

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