STERTIL-KONI Heavy Duty In-Ground Lift DIAMOND LIFT - 15 Tons per cylinder (DL30)

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Stertil Koni Heavy Duty In-Ground Lift DIAMOND LIFT - 15 Tons per cylinder

  • Lifting Capacity: 30,000kg
  • Lifting Height: 1855mm
  • Pit Depth: 1830mm
  • Travel Range: 3000,4000,5200mm
  • Minimum Wheel Base: 1575mm
  • Lifting Time: 90 seconds
  • Compressed Air Supply: Filtered/regulated for 140LPM at 4.2 bar
  • Electrical Supply: 3 phase, 208-230/460/575 Volt
  • Motor Power: 2 x 3.7kW
  • Motor Capacity: 9kW

Looking for optimum flexibility and maximum productivity?

Stertil Koni's state-of-the-art DIAMOND LIFT ingeniously combines both these features and sets a new benchmark for cylinder lifts. The highest level of safety is provided with third part testing and validation by ETL-Intertek to ensure compliance with ANSI/ALI ALCTV, current edition. The result is a superior lifting solution grounded in decades of expertise and innovation.  The Stertil Koni DIAMOND LIFTis the easiest to use, most reliable and environmentally friendly cylinder lift on the market today. Like all diamonds the Stertil Koni DIAMOND LIFT is virtually indestructible.

Cylinders designed for Long Life The design of the DIAMOND LIFT telescopic cylinders protects all the critical seals from potential damage by debris.  The cylinders are hard-chrome plated for maximum protection against corrosion and wear. The DIAMOND LIFT design has been optimised to handle the harsh environments in today's workshops.

Industry Changing Mechanical Locking System The DIAMOND LIFT utilizes a hardened, nitro carburised locking rod to provide superior resistance to corrosion and wear. The DIAMOND LIFT is designed to allow the operator to "park" the lift onto the mechanical locking ensuring maximum safety. The gravity engaged locking assembly is easy to service and can be accessed from floor level.

Easy to Use and Service Simple intuitive controls make operation a breeze.  Ultrasonic sensors provide a real-time synchronization for ultimate safety. All power units and control components are located in the above-ground console to allow easy access for troubleshooting and maintenance. The DIAMOND LIFT is a high pressure system that only requires 18 litres of biodegradable oil per cylinder, allowing the control console to consume minimal valuable floor space.

Sliders not rollers Instead of utilizing traditional rollers which may need lubrication the DIAMOND LIFT's moveable lifting unit and aluminum trench covering system travel on UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene slides a top a stainless steel guide which are maintenance free.

Strong Simple covers that Simply Work The DIAMOND LIFT revolutionizes the world market for cylinder style in-ground lifts. First the covers for the containment of the moveable cylinder are anodised aluminum with a skid resistant surface utilizing a continuous hinge with no moving parts.  Second the moveable cylinder assembly and cover system is horizontally positioned utilising an inverted rack and pinion design.  The hydraulic drive system is self-aligning and self-cleaning. Finally all DIAMOND LIFT covers are capable of handling a wheel load of 6000kg as well as a point load of up to 3400kg on a 5 x 5cm contact area, as would occur, for example with a support leg stand.

Superior Protection with the Environment in Mind The upper portion of the DIAMOND LIFT steel containment is hot galvanised which provides corrosion resistance at floor level and ensures a proper interlock with the foundation.  The containments are coated internally and externally with DiamondGuard.  This exceptionally high quality coating protects the containment against corrosion and electrolysis.  DiamondGuard also prohibits shop fluids from entering the environment.  With the DIAMOND LIFT problems with contaminated soils are no longer a concern.

Wide Range of Applications The lifting capacity of 15,000kg per lifting unit fits the needs of road-going vehicles.  The DIAMOND LIFT can be supplied in 2 and 3 lifting unit versions. The available ranges of horizontal travel for DIAMOND LIFT moveable lifting units are 3,000mm, 4,000mm and 5,200mm. The flexibility will allow the servicing of the majority of vehicles.  As standard the DIAMOND LIFT is supplied with a full set of lifting adaptors.

Safety First As standard equipment the DIAMOND LIFT is fully electronically synchronized for ultimate operator safety.  The DIAMOND LIFT controls include an exclusive Home Light on the control console.  This indicator lamp is illuminated only when the lift is fully lowered and its is safe for the vehicle to exit the bay. Additionally the DIAMOND LIFT provides an override for restricted height operations which is easily accessed by the operator without needing complicated re-programming. This height restriction protects vehicles from low ceilings and ceilings from tall vehicles such as double decker buses.

Convenience and Control The DIAMOND LIFT can be equipped with a wired remote control including a quick-release connector.  The controller operates in addition to the standard controls on the console, not instead of them. The controller is approved for use on the workshop floor which allows convenient and safe positioning of the lift to the vehicle.

Automatic Wheel Base Positioning The DIAMOND LIFT can be equipped with a system that stores a range of wheel base positions for easier lift set up.  The use friendly LCD screen stores up to 16 positions that allows precise relocation of the moveable lifting unit with the touch of a button.

Durability Stertil Koni cycle tests all its products at full rated lifting capacity for 20,000 cycles to ensure the delivery of quality lifting solutions designed for the long haul.  All Stertil Koni lifts are designed to exceed the highest industry standards.

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