STERTIL-KONI Wireless Mobile Column Lift - EARTHLIFT 8500kg per column (ST1085W-EE)

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Stertil Koni Wireless Mobile Column Lift - EARTHLIFT 8500kg per column

  • Lifting Capacity: 8500kg per column
  • Lift System:  Hydraulic lifting system with microprocessor-controlled synchronisation
  • Lifting Height:  Maximum 1,850mm, automatic stop at the highest positon
  • Lifting Time: 94 seconds
  • Motor Rating: 2.2kW per column
  • Weight: 615kg per column
  • Column Height: 2,465mm

Stertil Koni EARTHLIFT column lift, uses the patented Active Energy Retrieval System.  This provides you with an ecological mobile wireless lifting solution for all of your heavy duty lifting requirements.  Which other lifts in the industry can achieve up to 50 lifting cycles without battery charging?  You get optimum productivity in the workshop.  No more expensive down time because of battery charging! The principal of the Active Energy Retrieval System is as brilliant as it is simple to use the energy generated by the raised vehicle as it comes back down.  In other words - REGAIN THE GRAVITATIONAL ENERGY!

The "Green" Standard in Lifting Technology: The EARTHLIFT is the most environmentally friendly wireless mobile column lift in the world, setting the "green standard" in the international heavy duty lifting industry.  The EARTHLIFT allows workshops worldwide to combine socially responsible business practices, with the highest possible level of ease of operation and efficiency.

  • Lifting column made of recyclable components
  • Biodegradable oil in a closed hydraulic system
  • Batteries are recyclable
  • Electronic components according to environmental norms, RoHS

Full-colour Touch Screen Control: the revolutionary ebright Smart Control System combines intuitive ease of use with maximum visual information about the lifting process.  The main advantages:

  • Touch screen control, even when wearing gloves!
  • User-configured options, such as choice of language, safety warning and scheduled maintenance
  • Full-colour 7" screen, graphically highly attractive
  • All relevant information available at a glance
  • Customizable ID-Key to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Wireless Mesh network for optimal connectivity

Simple Recharging:The wireless mobile columns can be simply charged via a 230v wall socket.  The cabled mobile column lifts operate from a 400V supply with other voltages available.

Lifetime Guarantee: The innovative synthetic runner wheel system is self-lubricating and comes with a lifetime guarantee

Minimum Repair: Maximum safety The Stertil Koni wireless mobile EARTHLIFT means that you are not faced with expensive repair bills for failing cables.  Above all safety first and foremost and no cables means no tripping hazard.

Other built in features of the EARTHLIFT which give you the benefit of enhanced safety are:

  • Independent mechanical gravity locking pawl - starts at 125mm
  • Locking profile with 35mm increments the smallest available in the industry provides maximum safety
  • Vehicle damage prevention due to 250mm between lift and vehicle
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Precision synchronization starts at 15mm height difference between the lift and the vehicle
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