ENERGIZER CR1220 Button Cell Battery (CR1220)

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ENERGIZER CR1220 Lithium Coin Cell Battery | 1 PACK

Quick Overview:

THE ENERGIZER CR1220 Lithium Coin Cell Battery is for use in small devices that need 3 volts to run, such as calculators, remote controls, some car alarm kits, watches and much more. Being a well-researched and improved upon technology, lithium batteries such as the CR1220 are not only reliable and long-lasting, but easy to find and use in your corresponding electronics.

1220 batteries are commonly used in integrated car keys in Vauxhalls, BMWs, Protons, Mitsubishi, Volvos, Renaults and Fiats.

Compatible with DL1220 batteries, the CR1220 is compact, easy and straightforward in its use, so expect to simply swap the old battery for the new, and then be ready to go. Along with this ease of use, the 1220 coin cell has a long shelf life, meaning if you buy an extra, or find you don't need it right away, you can store it, and expect it to last for many years to come.

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