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These complete Porta Power Hydraulic Body Repair Kits contain the heavy duty hydraulic equipment needed for lifting, pushing, pulling, straightening and spreading.

The body repair kits are designed for bending chassis frames and repairing dents in vehicle body panels. In most cases, the kit will only return the vehicle body parts to approximately their original position. Additional work will be required to complete the repair.

There are two attachments which can be connected to the Pump unit.

• The Hydraulic Ram is for use in larger spaces where greater force is needed and where there is sufficient room. It requires a solid immovable base, directly in line with the damaged area.

• The Spreader Wedge is used in tighter spaces where the Ram and other accessories will not fit.


Several different attachments are provided that may be used in conjunction with the Hydraulic Ram dependant upon the nature of the damage.

• The Flat Base is used to spread the load of the Hydraulic Ram. It should be connected to the static end of the Hydraulic Ram using the Male Connector.

• The Rubber Head is typically used for popping dents out of sheet metal such as doors and body panels when plugged into the moving end of the Hydraulic Ram or the Extension Tubes.

• The Square V-Head is used to align the force of the Hydraulic Ram when bearing against an angled frame, and may be attached to the Hydraulic Ram or the Extension Tubes.

• The Wedge Head is used to repair small dents and areas located in angles and tight spaces and attaches to the Hydraulic Ram or Extension Tubes.

• The Male Connector plugs into the female end of the Hydraulic Ram.

• The Angled Toe and Plate Head are normally attached to the extension tubes but could be used as a substitute for the flat base if space is limited.

• The Serrated Cap is typically used for pushing during frame repair. It may be plugged into either end of the Hydraulic Ram or the Extension Tubes.

• The Extension Tubes plug together in different combinations to reach the desired length.

• The Hydraulic Spreader Wedge is used in restricted spaces when the Hydraulic Ram cannot be used. Connect the wedge directly to the hose of the pump unit.