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Stertil Koni Platform Sky Lift

Stock Code: SKYLIFT

Stertil Koni Platform Sky Lift

The Stertil-Koni platform SkyLift construction offers freedom of movement for the mechanic under the platform; ease of operation with a compact control box and self-diagnostics system; increased safety with independent mechanical locking fully active after platform raises only 90mm from floor level. Also there is a built-in overload mechanism. The SkyLift can be extended with a special synchronisation set between the two lifts, allowing platform lengths up to 30 metres with a total lifting capacity of 70t





Lifting system




Lifting capacity

20,000 kg

25,000 kg

35,000 kg

Lifting Height




Lifting time

90 sec

90 sec

90 sec

Available platform lengths

7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14.5 m

7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14.5 m

8, 9, 10, 12, 14.5m

Motor capacity

9 kW

9 kW

9 kW

Different Options available:

Flush mounted

The SkyLift flush mounted installation has obstacle-free access. The drive-on platforms are flush with the workshop floor, ideal for low clearance vehicles. The lifting height of the lift remains 1750mm. An automatic recess cover plate system is available. Space saving as no drive-on ramps are required.

Semi-Flush Mounted

The Skylift semi-flushed mounted installation has an extremely low drive-on height of just 260mm as a result of the special 90mm recesses for all four of the lift supports.

Surface Mounted

The Skylift surface mounted model can be installed without any special constructional preparations. The available workspace for mechanics is more than sufficient.

Water-Resistant Wash-Bay

The SkyLift Washbay model is water-resistant supplied with fully hot-dip galvanised platforms with an anti-corrosion coating and stainless steel control panel.

Operation Features:

  • Independent mechanical locks
  • Reverse roll-off protection
  • Modular drive-on Ramp
  • Control console

Ultimate Workspace Solution

Freedom of Movement: No overhang, no crossbeams, no base frame and four independent support legs; providing optimal working space for the mechanic in and around the lift. 

Flexible & Versatile for all workshops: The SkyLift is available in a variety of models suitable for not only a wide range of vehicles but also for a wide range of workshop situations.

Easy & Quick Installation: Only requires 16 installation anchors in the floor. For a platform of this calibre the installation is so easy that you can keep your workshop open whilst having your new vehicle lift installed.

Reversed roll off protection: For all Stertil-Koni platform SkyLift models there is an optional reversed roll-off protection system available, preventing potential workshop floor damage and reducing any drive on/off noise.

Safe Workspace: The SkyLift has enough headroom to work comfortably underneath the lift with a generous vehicle lifting height of 1.75m. 

Extra Long: The Stertil-Koni SkyLift can be configured to be up to 30 metres long with a total lifting capacity of 70t. With the specially designed synchronisation and a bridging set, two SkyLift platform lifts can simply be used as either one long lift, or as two separate lifts.

Extra Extensions: The Skyliift platforms can be extended by mounting extensions on one of both sides of the platform. 

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