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Batteryless Booster GYSCAP 680E (GYS026773)

Stock Code: GYS026773

Batteryless Booster GYSCAP 680E

The GYSCAP 680E brings a new starting solution for vehicles equipped with 12V batteries.

With advanced super capacitors instead of a conventional battery GYSCAP offers extra functionality.

The supercapacitors offer unlimited power storage

Battery-less booster, the power of the GYSCAP 680E is supplied by the supercapacitors. With a total capacity of 680 farads, it can deliver a starting current of 1600A and a peak current of 9000A.

The supercapacitors are an unlimited source of power, which can operate 1,000,000 cycles. It can ensure thousands of starts without any impact on the performance. The GYSCAP 680E has also a SOS mode for deeply discharged batteries.

A fully autonomous device

The GYSCAP 680E does not need to be connected to the mains to charge. It will be fully charged again by leaving it connected to a battery in a vehicle. The operation takes only a few seconds after the vehicle has started.

Very convenient for charging without connecting the clamps on the battery terminals, the GYSCAP 680E has an adaptor which can be plugged to the cigarette lighter socket while the engine is on.

A reliable technology

Already implemented in many different fields (i.e. Start & Stop systems) the supercapacitor technology offers many advantages: It has a huge longevity  due to its ability to deliver up to 1,000,000 of charge/discharge cycles.  This technology is not sensitive to very low temperatures, it can work in difficult weather conditions.

Lightweight (only 8.2 kg), the GYSCAP 680E represents an interesting alternative to traditional boosters.

Optimal Protection

Equipped with the SMART STARTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM feature, it improves performances and can be used safely. The user, the vehicle, the battery and the product itself are well protected against any misuse.

A thought-out design

Designed with a reinforced plastic case, the GYSCAP 680E is very robust. It can be used in very rough environments (rain, snow, mud).

The GYSCAP 680E is delivered with 100% copper cables, 1.70m length and brass clamps fully insulated and curved for an easy use. These features make the access to the battery terminals easier.


  • Start Current: 1600A
  • Peak Current: 9000A
  • Dimensions: 35 x 44 x 19cm
  • Cable Length/ cross section: 170cm/ 25mm²
  • Weight: 8.2kg

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